Quantity Price per Unit Delivery Cost Total
1 chair £130 £10 £140
2 chairs £125 £15 £265
3 chairs £120 £20 £380
   4 + chairs £120 Free   £480 +
Foot Stool £55 Free
Table £65 Free
If you would prefer to make your own cover, the cost is reduced by £10 per chair.
In this case, I will give you the measurements you need.

Extra covers can be ordered for a cost of £10 plus p&p.

Picture covers are £25 extra per chair.

Because the chairs are handmade, I prefer to take the orders by email or phone.

Delivery will usually take 2 weeks from the order date.

Payment can be made by Paypal, online bank transfer or by cheque.

My email address is:
my phone numbers are:
01875820760 or 07752885400